Worship in the Sanctuary January Series – Beyond Us vs Them

Beyond Us vs. Them—In a world that is marked by division and hyper-polarization, how might the Church move beyond making enemies to witnessing Jesus’ reconciling presence in the world? You won’t want to miss this four-week series beginning January 19, 2020. Join us as we explore how to live faithfully in a world of differences.

January Sermon Series
Worship in the Sanctuary

Based on the book:
The Church of Us vs. Them: Freedom from a Faith That Feeds on Making Enemies
by David E. Fitch 

Week 1 – Beyond Enemies
“Our witness, as a people, to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ has become tainted with the ugliness of enemy making.”
Scripture – John 13:35

Week 2 – God’s Grand Drama
“What does all this mean for the practice of reading the Bible? We should not approach the bible primarily as individuals, alone at our desks, using it to exert judgment on ourselves and others. It must be read as a part of being God’s people called together, as a community of believers. We must listen to each other and discern our struggles. Then we must place it all within the drama that God is working in the world.”
Scripture – Acts 15

Week 3 – Have you made a decision?
“The Gospel requires a response more akin to a marriage vow than a vote in an election.”
Scripture – Mark 1:15

Week 4 – The Local Church is My Politics
“To the extent that the church regularly discerns how to live socially, economically, and morally together under his authority, by definition is  politics.”
Scripture – John 8:2-11