Taizé Worship

Taizé, pronounced “Teh-ZAY”, is a peaceful, meditative form of worship that originated in a small town near Burgundy, France during World War II by Brother Roger. It has grown every year since and now celebrates a large community of worshipers with over 100 brothers who live nearby to lead. These brothers are both Protestant and Catholic, of various backgrounds and they worship with over 100,000 visitors each year. Visitors travel each week from all over the world to study the Bible together and worship three times each day as the bell rings to gather them into the sanctuary. As the simple songs are sung, from song books in their native language, the worship is filled with music, peaceful meditation, prayer, candles, and scripture.

Here at Birmingham First, over 100 candles light the chapel as service starts with an opening prayer, a Bible scripture reading, a period of ten minutes of silence for personal prayer, a benediction, and a opportunity to meet with a pastor for a private prayer or experience Reiki healing touch with Reiki practitioners. The music is comprised of an organ, sometimes a flute, and Taizé songs which are sung as long as the spirit leads, typically 5-6 times.

The monthly services are on the third Thursday of each month in the Runkel Chapel at 6:45 PM.  April, October & December may be changed due to holidays or other services.

Please view upcoming services on our events calendar (use search word Taize).