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Outside Our Walls – National and Global

Costa Rica

Latin America

Volunteers hold Vacation Bible School at area churches and do construction at the Methodist Children’s Home Orphanage.   


We are in a relationship with the Methodist Church of Manzanillo, Cuba.  This church is one of our “sister congregations” and we will be sending teams to help renovate the church building.  In addition, we will be assisting them financially to provide lunch to children on Sundays and helping them to update their audio equipment for their services. 

Czech Republic

We support the Methodist Church in the Czech Republic and a Christian Help Center just outside of Prague. The Center serves women and children in crisis situations and the Romy people. They provide housing for families for up to one year, social work, psychological services, and job training.


Improving education in the rural village of Yaadome, Ghana by helping to renovate one primary school is critical and significant as it addresses the lack of educational infrastructure in the village. Our mission also empowers the community by providing them with the tools to create a brighter future for themselves and their children. Ashanti Region, Ghana


What once was home to 20,000, has now swelled to more than 500,000 with no infrastructure or employment to support such great numbers. Volunteers do construction at the Methodist church, the high school, the senior citizen home, and the medical clinic.  Teams also venture into the nearby mountain villages to construct schools and do mobile medical. 

Henderson Settlement


This is one of the poorest areas in the United States. The loss of jobs when the coal mines shut down, lack of medical care, substandard housing, and the isolation of the homes contribute to the problems faced by the people in this region. We provide funding for youth programs, toiletries, pantry items, sporting goods, clothing and other essential items. Volunteers work in the greenhouse, library, office and food pantry. 


We support women and families in severely impoverished communities in coordination with our
mission partner CAMINO. Our work includes home
building, food distribution, Bible studies, Vacation Bible School, women’s ministry, skill development for sustainable food sourcing, and career alternatives to lift from poverty and grow in faith. El Belen and Los Torres, Honduras


In partnership with Living Hope, we support underprivileged children by providing education, housing, food, and more. The goal is to provide children, youth, and families with critical education so that they can ultimately lift themselves and their families out of poverty. Bangalore, India


This mission is dedicated to building a Christian school of excellence in Liberia. Children, grades K through 12, often living in poverty, would have access to a learning environment designed to foster acceptance into top-tiered colleges, universities, and trade schools. A successful and promising future will be the final outcome for all students who attend this values-based institution of learning! Careysburg, Liberia



We collect, pack and ship clothing to the Overhome Missions Clothing Center in Sneedville, Tennessee, which is located in Hancock County, one of the poorest counties in the U.S. We have also begun contributing funds through the United Methodist Jubilee Water Project to help dig wells for people in the area. This is a continuous need, as there are more wells needed before all people will have running water.


UMCOR provides hope to communities and individuals whose lives have been impacted by storms, fires, climate changes and wars.

Birmingham and Berkley First has filled over 200 buckets for UMCOR’s disaster relief efforts and contributed over $50,000 to UMCOR’s Ukrainian response. The World Over