Worship plus Two

Jesus said, “Come and follow me!”

The pastors and congregation of Birmingham First care deeply about your faith journey, and we want to support you as you walk with Christ. We believe that it is important for every disciple of Christ to continually grow in faith and in our knowledge of God. To grow in our faith we need support because it can be difficult to find the time and resources to deepen our relationship with God. That’s why at Birmingham First we have created a model to help you grow in your faith.

Worship plus Two is designed to help you develop a balanced and growing faith journey while recognizing that every person has different needs and abilities at different times in their life. Worship plus Two invites you to participate in three different faith forming practices:

  • Participate in Worship
  • Do Something to Feed Yourself
  • Do Something to Feed Others

We hope that you will explore and engage the variety of ways to worship, feed yourself and feed others at Birmingham First.  Together, let us gather, nurture, and equip disciples of Christ for ministry and mission in the world!

For more information or question on specific classes and groups please contact Pastor Lindsey Hall.

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