Committees and Clergy

Elbert Dulworth

Administrative Council Compass Littleton Fund Multi-Site Ministry Team (With Zack Dunlap) Nominations Staff Parish Relations Finance (With Susie Heirholzer and Holly Pisano) Worship (With Casey Proch) Generosity / Stewardship Missions 200th Anniversary Seminary Relations

Sarah Alexander

Hunger Church and Society

Zack Dunlap

Multi-Site Ministry Team (With Elbert Dulworth) Trustees (With Tony Kotwiki) - CMR (With Tony Kotwiki and Holly Pisano) - Landscape (With Tony Kotwicki) - Technology (With Bruce Richardson) Berkley Lead Team

Rachael Dunlap

Discipleship Ministry Connecting and Hospitality (with Mary Feldmaier)

Susie Hierholzer

Investment (With Holly Pisano) Preschool Audit (With Holly Pisano) Finance (With Elbert Dulworth and Holly Pisano)

Suzanne Walls

United Methodist Women (UMW)

Shawn Lewis-Lakin