Welcome Reception for Rev. Susie Hierholzer

Please join us for a Welcome Reception for Rev. Susie Hierholzer on Sunday, July 14 at 11:00 a.m. in Fellowship Hall,

Rev. Susanne Hierholzer grew up all over the state of Michigan but considers herself to be from the tri-city area of Saginaw, Midland and Bay City. She attended Central Michigan University and Saginaw Valley State University where she majored in Music Education with a minor in Business Management. Upon receiving her bachelor’s degree, she continued her career in management which she began while
attending college. For sixteen years Susie managed various businesses, spending the bulk of that career as a store and training manager for Party Concepts, Inc.

In 2010, Susie answered God’s call to seminary and together with her family moved to Evanston, Illinois to attend Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary. While in seminary, she served as an intern for Winnetka Congregational Church on the North Shore. Her areas of focus included Christian Education and worship. In the second year of her internship, she was given full responsibility for the Christian Education department, including volunteers and paid staff. The pastors and congregants of WCC were quite pleased with her gifts and graces for ministry.

Susie graduated in May 2013 with a Master of Divinity. She was commissioned as a Provisional Elder on the day after graduation and appointed to serve at St. Ignace UMC. Susie was ordained as an Elder in Full Connection in 2016. Some of the highlights of her ministry in
St. Ignace include a monthly youth gathering for 30 to 50 youth, instituting a confirmation program, ending a twelve-year pattern of not paying apportionments in full, starting an active missions group and congregational care team, leading the Leadership Team through the process of defining the core values of the congregation, and creating a vision statement.

Rev. Susie has also served as the chair of the Executive Committee of the former Marquette District since 2014.  She is a conference trainer for Children, Youth, and Vulnerable Persons Policies, serves on the board for Mission U of the North, serves on the board for Bay Shore Camp and Family Ministries, and serves on the board for St. Ignace Area Hope—an ecumenical, missional ministry of the churches of St. Ignace.

Rev. Susie has been married to her husband, Craig, for twenty-five years this summer! Craig is a music teacher. They have three daughters: Katie (21) who is attending college while working full time, Hannah (16) who is a junior in high school and enjoys playing the clarinet,
and Niki (almost 12) who is in 6th grade and enjoys basketball and playing the trombone. They also have two cats, Scotty and Vader.

Rev. Susie enjoys marching bands, photography, playing the clarinet, attending sporting events, and is a fan of the TV show, The Office.

As already noted, Pastor Susie brings significant gifts to us in the areas of child and family ministries as well as adult discipleship that will be a great blessing to our current ministry team as we live into our FORWARD goals and initiatives.

We welcome Rev. Susie!