Welcome Anika-Kafi Summers – New Seminary Intern

Welcome to Anika-Kafi Summers, our new seminary intern at Birmingham and Berkley First.

Hello Friends,

I am excited that I will be your Seminary Intern for the next six months. I am a second-year student on the Elder track at the Methodist Theological School of Ohio or MTSO. I am a member of Central United Methodist Church in Detroit and have been there for many years with Rev. Ed. Rowe and now Rev. Jill Zundel.

My path to ministry has been a winding road. I am the daughter of a, now retired, United Methodist minister from the West Ohio Conference, and long ago, I swore that the ministry was not for me. However, God had other plans. Throughout my journey, I’ve had several vocations. I earned a Master of Education degree in Higher Education and Student Personnel. After a decade of working in several large and midsize colleges and universities, I did not believe that I was making the right kind of impact. I thought that was my calling; nevertheless, the work had lost its satisfaction, and I took the time to be a full-time mother. Once my youngest entered kindergarten, I have been employed at Eastern Market Partnership.

Now, as a full-time seminarian, I am a busy mom of three kids, Ella, Nate, and Natasha. My husband Brent and I co-parent with our children’s other parents, and we make it work. I have continued working full-time at Eastern Market Partnership, co-parenting, and have now this internship. You may wonder, how will I be successful? I believe it is one day at a time and prayers.

My journey may not be easy; there may be days that my smile fades, but I have faith that God will make a way. For in God, all things are possible. I look forward to sharing more of my story with each of you as time and COVID-19 allow. I will be located at both campuses and I look forward to meeting you in outdoor worship at Birmingham First on Sunday, July 19, or at Berkley First on Wednesday, July 22.

Grace & Peace,

Anika-Kafi Summers, M. Ed.