“Uncertainty” – New Sermon Series – Birmingham Sanctuary

We know that we are living in uncertain times.

We don’t know what will happen or not happen for that matter.

Where do we find certainty in this time?

How do we approach uncertainty in our own lives?

We seem to live in a time when those claiming certainty speak with the loudest voices. Whether you watch Fox News or MSNBC, on either end of the political spectrum, little seems uncertain or ambiguous. There is a rush to judgment. Something is this or that. Period. End of discussion.

Our February sermon series in the Birmingham sanctuary is titled “Uncertainty.” Over the next three Sundays, we will look at the limits of what we can know and understand with certainty and consider what this means for how we live faithfully day by day.

February 10 –  “Facing Uncertainty…with Humility and Love.” – Rev. Shawn Lewis-Lakin
February 17 – “Uncertainty – What Do You See?” – Rev. Elbert Dulworth
February 24 – “Uncertainty – Navigating the Storm” – Rev. Elbert Dulworth

See you in worship!