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The Strength of Men of Faith – Men’s Work Day

“With so much division in our society now, it was comforting to see the strength men of faith can bring together,” declared Ken Hamel, a first-time participant in the yearly Birmingham and Berkley First Men’s Day.

Men of Birmingham and Berkley First were recently invited to a special day of mission work, fellowship, and worship on Saturday, October 10, 2020 when they worked in the City of Detroit with Life Remodeled’s Six Day Project. The Birmingham and Berkley First men helped remove blight from part of a 71-block area of Detroit. Their work consisted of clean up, sanitation and repacking of tools and supplies, assisting with tool and supplies inventory.

Glenn Moore, another participant, stated, “My favorite part was at the end of the day on our assigned street, seeing how our group had improved the condition of the block. Later I found out that our block was one of 71 that had been cleared that week by people working with the Life Remodeled event. It is a great feeling that in a small way we have improved Detroit.”


Glen also reflected, “My Great Aunt Ruby lived in a house about a mile east of our assigned block. I remember what the surrounding streets around her home looked like in the 50’s and 60’s. I was happy to have worked to bring back, in a small way, the Detroit of my childhood.”

When asked what he would remember about the day, Ken replied, “The importance of service to others. A small contribution by many can really help make some positive change for others.” After his day of service, Ken decided to continue to assist Life Remodeled by packing and preparing fresh food for future deliveries. 

When asked what he would remember, Glenn stated, “The feeling of comradeship with the men of our group will stay with me as we worked for a common purpose outside of our usual world. Frankly, my faith in God’s plan for our world was strengthened in being with people of varying backgrounds called to improve part of our neighboring city. This experience has shown me that I can make a difference. True, it was just one block, but, just like the one starfish of many on the beach, we improved that one block. I feel that I would participate again in similar projects.”

After working in the City of Detroit, they returned to Birmingham First, and practicing COVID-19 precautionary measures, met on the front lawn to enjoy boxed suppers during their 3rd annual Cornhole Tournament. The day ended with a time of worship and celebration in our outdoor worship center.

As for the next Men’s Retreat/Work day, Ken says, “Definitely try it; it can recharge and focus your faith, especially at a time when we have limited fellowship.”

“A small contribution by many can really help make some positive change for others..”
Ken Hamel
Men's Retreat Participant