Thank You Pastor Shawn

Earlier this month, the Rev. Shawn Lewis-Lakin, our Senior Associate Pastor, requested a change to his position among us at Birmingham and Berkley First. This past week, Bishop David Bard of the Michigan Conference of the United Methodist Church agreed to Pastor Shawn’s change of status from senior associate pastor (3/4 time) to associate pastor (1/4 time), effective October 1, 2020.

Just as so many of our lives have changed in these days, Pastor Shawn has recognized a need to step back from some of his current work to spend time with his family to help provide childcare for his grandchildren. As a result, Shawn’s administrative role will come to an end as he continues to serve among us as our Associate Pastor for Planned Giving. This new responsibility that he stepped into last spring has him working with our Endowment Board to focus on generosity and legacy giving through our Endowment Fund.

We have informed Bishop Bard that we are not seeking the appointment of another clergyperson to our team at this time. Pastor Shawn’s responsibilities are being divided among some of our Lead Team members as we continue to restructure our team focused on impacting our communities and our world with God’s love in Jesus Christ. Committees and staff will be updated about the changes in responsibilities in the coming weeks.