Supporting our Missions Partners

In these days that feel so uncertain for many, we continue to reach out in mission and ministry with one another and to the world around us through our dedicated mission partners. Together, we are turning the church inside out.

Many of you have asked how you might help to be a part of this work. Please continue giving to our ministry together as we walk with one another in these difficult days. In addition, we ask that you consider an extra mile gift for our mission partners who are struggling to meet the ever-increasing needs of people throughout nearby communities. Our missions committees are actively engaged with long-standing local partners – including the Redford Brightmoor Initiative, Cass Community Social Services, and Micah 6 – to address critical needs in this time of crisis. Please help us to help our mission partners by considering an extra second-mile gift at this time. You can send a check in the mail to Birmingham First with Covid-19 response in the memo area or click here.

Together, we can Be the Church and witness to the love of God in Jesus Christ.