We are pleased to extend an invitation to all members of Birmingham First or Berkley First to apply for the United Women in Faith Scholarship. This scholarship aims to assist Christian students in pursuing education or training beyond high school, recognizing their involvement in our church communities and encouraging future church affiliation and participation.


To apply, please complete the application and email it to: pjeble@gmail.com. Additional information may be attached.

We encourage all eligible members to take advantage of this opportunity to support your educational journey.


  1. Any member of Birmingham First or Berkley First, regardless of age, is eligible to apply.
  2. Applicants must be accepted at or enrolled in an accredited institution.
  3. No scholastic record is necessary for consideration.
  4. Only one scholarship will be granted to any individual.
  5. The maximum grant per student is $750.
  6. Undergraduates will be considered before graduate students.