Scarecrows on Parade Contest

Create and submit your scarecrow for our “Scarecrows on Parade” contest.

Contest entries will be accepted until 7 p.m., October 21st. Bring your scarecrow and check-in at the Pumpkin Patch table for more information.

Scarecrows can still be displayed after that date but will not qualify for the contest, but are welcome to scare away the crows!

The contest is open to all ages. Participants can be individuals, families, clubs, and groups of friends, youth groups, service organizations or businesses. THIS IS A GREAT WAY TO PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS!


  • This is a family-friendly event. Scarecrows can be humorous, lovable, whimsical, but not frightening or distasteful. Birmingham First has the right to disqualify any entries not appropriate for a family-friendly event.
  • No political statements are permitted.
  • The typical scarecrow starts with a 2×4 piece of lumber for the body, and a dowl or brown stick for the arms.
  • Birmingham First will provide wooden stakes already anchored into the front lawn that scarecrows may be fastened to. Zip-ties will be provided. It is recommended that you supply additional rope or wire to properly position your scarecrow as each one’s needs may be different.
  • The maximum height of scarecrow is 7 ft. Scarecrow with props cannot exceed more than 3 ft on each side of scarecrow for a total of 6 ft.
  • Materials must be firmly attached to the scarecrow so that it can stand up to sun, wind, and rain.
  • Each scarecrow display must have a sign to identify the entry: Name of group or business or club, and the category you are entering. Business may include a company logo.
  • Participants are responsible to put their scarecrow on display between the following dates and times: Monday through Saturday, Oct 21 from 11:30-7:00 p.m. All entries must be in place by 7:00 pm on Oct 21.
  • All entries will be on display at Birmingham First from Sun, Oct 17 through Sat, Nov 7. We recommend that you check on your scarecrow periodically to make sure it remains in presentable condition.
  • Scarecrows may be retrieved between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m on Sun, Nov 8. Unclaimed scarecrows as of Mon, Nov 9 will be discarded.

Prize Categories – A $50 Visa gift will be awarded to one winner per category

  • Farmer’s Finest: Original crop saving figures
  • Famous Character: Real or fictitious from modem day to historical
  • Most Entertaining: Anything from billy goats to dancing football players

Winners will be announced at our Community Halloween Fun event on Saturday, October 24.