Oakland HOPE is a new volunteer-driven, faith-based initiative following in the footsteps of Focus Hope in Detroit. They serve hungry families, seniors and veterans in Oakland County. Located in Pontiac, Oakland HOPE provides free groceries to 400 families each month.

In addition, their incredible thrift store is an amazing resource to families from all over Oakland County.

However, none of what they do would be possible without the help of volunteers!

That’s where you come in…

On Saturday, October 12th we will be headed to Pontiac to volunteer there. There are several different opportunities to serve on that day:

  • The Food Pantry at Oakland HOPE is opens at 11:00 am. Training is conducted at 10:30 for volunteers interested in serving in the Food Pantry. These volunteers will be working directly with clients (Birmingham First will conduct background checks on all volunteers working directly with clients). If this interests you, your arrival time would be 10:15 am.
  • If you’re looking for a handy work opportunity, Oakland HOPE is in need of some handy work. They need a large metal header installed for glass hospital doors that were donated to them. In addition, they need about 1500 square feet of vct floor mastic and tile installed. They also have several other miscellaneous handy work tasks that need to be done. Arrival time for these projects is 10:00 am.
  • The Thrift Store is where the magic happens! Oakland HOPE always needs help sorting and hanging clothes for the Thrift Store. The funds generated by the Thrift Store fund the purchase of the food for the Food Pantry. Arrival time for this work is 10:00 am.

Lunch will be served to all volunteers at 1:00 pm. Volunteers may leave after lunch or stay for part or all of the afternoon. We’ve been asked to wear red shirts (if you have one). This helps Oakland HOPE to identify who the volunteers are.

Please Email Carrie Morse  if you’re interested in volunteering and which opportunity you are interested in. We particularly need to know who is interested in the handy work projects as they need to ensure they have the correct supplies on-hand for the projects!

Let’s show Oakland HOPE some serious Birmingham First love!