Education is the key to overcoming the harsh realities of Central Africa, and the focus of the Zambia team’s work is the Kafakumba Training Center. The Center provides spiritual and life skills to student pastors, women and children. It is home to several small businesses, such as woodworking, fish farming and honey production.

What We Do

Birmingham First has been sponsoring the Center’s honey production activities for the past few years.

When We Do It

In addition to our targeted annual financial support, every 4 – 5 years in June / July we take a small group of church members to see first-hand the Kafakumba Training Center in action. This time on the calendar is Zambia’s winter so the temperatures are quite moderate giving our visiting “people to people” mission team the opportunity to learn and bring the message home to share with others at Birmingham First Birmingham. We are exploring a future trip.


Please Contact

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