Sneedville resides in Hancock County, the second 2nd poorest county, in Tennessee. 5.3% of households have incomplete plumbing. The median income is $14, 850 and 48.7% of the children live in poverty. 

What We Do

We collect, pack and ship clothing to the Overhome Missions Clothing Center in Sneedville, Tennessee, which is located in Hancock County, one of the poorest counties in the U.S. We provide needy children with clothing that makes them feel comfortable attending school (we’ve learned that being taunted for rag-tag apparel leads to truancy). The Center provides clothing to adults and victims of disasters as well. We have recently learned that there are people living in Sneedville who have never had running water in their homes. Missions has begun contributing funds through the United Methodist Jubilee Water Project to help dig wells for some of these people. This is a continuous need, as there are more wells needed before all people will have running water.

When We Do It

We do this work on Thursday afternoon of Rummage Sale week over a period of about 2-3 hours. We gather and pack about 20 boxes of used clothing, which the United Methodist Women graciously pays to ship to the Center in Sneedville. Birmingham First has been involved since the Center opened in 1989 and we welcome new faces to our team!


Please Contact

Carrie Morse

Phone248-646-6407 Ext. 3165