A port city approximately 150 miles west of Port au Prince, Jeremie did not suffer any earthquake damage in 2010, but became a refuge for those fleeing the capital city. Where it once was home to 20,000, it has now swelled to more than 500,000 with no infrastructure or employment to support such great numbers.  

What We Do

We do relief work in and around Jeremie, Haiti. We mostly work on projects that the Circuit Superintendent of the Haitian Methodist Church identifies as priorities among the 30+ churches in the Circuit. In the past 5 years, we have built schools, painted orphanages, outfitted schools with computers and other teaching materials, distributed dresses made by Birmingham First seamstresses, worked in clinics and senior citizen homes, and organized mobile medical activities.

When We Do It

We typically take a team of 7-9 people for 7-8 days, in late March or early April (either before Palm Sunday or after Easter). We like to firm up trip participants no later than November 30 so we can make flight arrangements, including small charter aircraft we use to travel from Port au Prince to Jeremie.
Birmingham First’s seamstresses work throughout the year, as suits their individual schedules, and provide dresses for our team to take along to Jeremie.


Please Contact

Carrie Morse

Phone248-646-6407 Ext. 3165