South Oakland Shelter (SOS)

South Oakland Shelter (SOS)

South Oakland Shelter is a movable homeless shelter for individuals who are seeking work or are currently employed and within weeks or days of having earned their way off the streets. Area churches share responsibility for hosting the shelter, and each church hosts up to 30 individuals for one week during the year.

What We Do

At Birmingham First, over 200 volunteers help with our hosting week, which is typically in August. We provide a safe place to sleep and eat, transportation to/from the Shelter’s office in Lathrup Village/doctor’s appointments, evening activities, and fellowship.

When We Do It

We look for volunteers to help in the following areas during our hosting typically the 1st or 2nd week of August.
• Set up/tear down of the sleeping area (CLC)
• Breakfast prep/clean up
• Lunch packers (done at your home)
• Dinner prep/clean up
• Evening activities
• Overnight hosts (three 4-hour shifts, 6 pm to 6 am)
• Drivers (your vehicle or church van)


Please Contact

Carrie Morse

Phone248-646-6407 Ext. 3165