Men’s Conference – “Go and Do”

OCTOBER 27, 2018

9 AM - 6 PM
Scott Chrostek

The Church is something we go and do!

One of the most powerful components of Jesus’ ministry was its dynamic nature. Jesus was literally the word of God ‘enfleshed.’ The word made flesh. Everything about his ministry was embodied and on the move. Jesus’ words (preaching and teaching) were powerful largely because they were rooted in a life of love-filled action and practice. How do your faith, your beliefs, your life inside of the church relate to your daily life? Are they connected, consistent? When it comes to living the life that God longs for us to lead, striving to live like Christ in a way that spurs others “to go and do likewise” is what it’s all about.

God’s love “makes sense out of nonsense,” turns “nothing to something” and transforms “death to life.”

Scott Chrostek

Scott Chrostek grew up at Birmingham First and is now a pastor at Resurrection Downtown, a campus of The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection. Before life in the church, Scott spent five years working in the field of investments. Scott completed his M. Div. at Duke Divinity School and has served the church as an ordained elder for ten years. Scott launched RezDowntown in 2009, and it has grown dramatically ever since. He is active as a coach and mentor to church planters across the country and spends time speaking with young adults about finding life at work. He lives with his wife, Wendy, and their son, Freddy, in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

Teaching Session One

Scott Chrostek

How do we live out our life of faith collectively? What is our purpose and how do people shift from surface level interest in the church to deeply committed?

Teaching Session Two

Scott Chrostek

Everybody has a part to play in changing the world. What is God calling you to do, personally?

Corn Hole Tournament

Lunch Time Activity


Registration will ask you to choose 3 workshops from the options below. Please review the descriptions here since only the titles are available on the online registration.

Creating a Culture of Invitation

Rev. Scott Chrostek

The importance of creating a personal practice of evangelism as well as what’s required for instilling an institutional sense of evangelism by creating a culture of invitation.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Rev. Elbert Dulworth

Do you ever wonder what or how to pray? Join us as we share some practical tips on developing our prayer life with God.

Missional Living

Rev. Dan Hart

How to live out your missional faith at work, home, and in your community.

On Playing the Back Nine

Rev. Bill Ritter

Once you’ve completed your bucket list – what then?

Finding God in Creation

Rev. Carl Price and Lynwood Stanley

How does our culturally created environment and technology separate us from the spiritual? How does the ‘natural’ world ‘re-connect’ us to that which is beyond us, but of which we are a part?

Leading and Loving Your Family

Rev. Zack Dunlap

Being a father and husband brings struggles as well as joys. How do we best live into those roles?

Landscape Clean-Up

Use the morning workshop session to work with the church landscape committee on Fall clean up tasks.    

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Lunch & Corn Hole Tournament
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