FORWARD is the name of the planning process through which we are discerning the God desired future for our life together. The FORWARD planning process was initiated by Compass in the winter of 2017. The FORWARD planning team was recruited by Compass in the spring of 2017 and given the task of discerning God’s future for Birmingham First and Berkley First United Methodist Church. In March 2018, Compass and the Administrative Council affirmed the initial FORWARD Vision Report. This report summarizes the year long process, affirms strengths of our congregation, celebrates our experience of the fullness of God, and identifies three strategic objectives for us. The report, which also identifies the next steps in our process, may be downloaded below.  

Birmingham First and Berkley First is a strong, vibrant congregation. We move FORWARD confident that the God who has and is doing great things in our midst will continue to guide and lead us into the future.

Forward Vision Report

FORWARD Team Members

Julie Work
Liz Walden
Mick MClelland
Katie Davis
Ron Reynolds
Zeno Wendley
Shawn Lewis-Lakin
Elbert Dulworh

Compass Team

Eric Pelton
Elbert Dulworth
Shawn Lewis-Lakin
Joan Duncan
Barbara Glick
Cliff Bath
Andrew Franklin
Joan Benner
Neil Ferguson
Amy Youn
Tim Dickerson, Lay Leader
Melinda Stone, Lay Leader
Sarah McClelland, Chairperson, Finance
Mark Swarthout, Chairperson, Board of Trustees
Jeff Hockman, Chairperson, Endowment
Patty Reynolds, Chairperson, Staff-Parish Relations
Henry Whiting , Chairperson, Stewardship
Greg MacKenzie, Chairperson, Administrative Council

Innovation Team Rosters

Coming Soon

Next Steps and Timeline

Coming Soon