Food & Supply Drive Results


Birmingham and Berkley First Hunger and Missions committees teamed up to provide assistance to the organizations we serve in this unprecedented time. The food and supply drive on March 31 resulted in three vans full of food and supplies! The donated items were collected following the critical social distancing guidelines and delivered to:

It started as an idea, two weeks ago, to have the Hunger and Missions committees join forces to assist with the effects of COVID-19. Several committee members listened to a UM Conference webinar on the subject. The next morning, a Zoom conference call was held and ideas discussed. Out of this came the idea to maybe do a food and supply drive but it needed to be based on agencies’ needs. Calls were made to the many local agencies we support to determine their needs.

The needs turned out to be greatly varied – some needed money, some did not want money. Some needed food, some needed supplies, others needed both. So the two committees decided to do a joint food and supply drive.

A sign was made by the Adam’s family (Allie, Jack, Jon Harris, and Parker) and placed on Pleasant street. Ten volunteers, coordinated by Bill and Mary Lou Guisinger, helped collect and sort the items.

In total three vans full of items were collected. They were delivered to the agencies on Wednesday, April 1. All recipients were delighted with what they received and were very grateful.

In addition, 300 sandwiches were purchased and delivered to the NOAH Project at Central UMC on Thursday, April 2. Hunger Ministry has also donated funds to those agencies needing money.

It is important that the Church participates in ways like this in order to continue to “be the church.” It is important to make God’s love known to all during this hard time providing hope and bringing light to those who are most in need.

Thank you to our Hunger and Missions committees for organizing the food and supply drive and to the many families who donated items.