Flamingo Flocking

Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser

Sponsored by Birmingham First High School Students for Cass Tiny Homes

High School Students at Birmingham First seek to be a part of the positive change in Detroit.  Students in this community are blessed to have a home with a room all their own.  A place that represents their style and welcomes them at the end of a long school day.  Students recognize many men, women and children in Detroit do not have a space to call their own, and they want to change this.

It is the dream of the Birmingham First High School Ministry to raise the funds and build a Cass Tiny Home to provide a person in Detroit with the same feelings of comfort and pride as they experience every day with their own space.  They want to be a part of ending poverty and impacting the Detroit community in a positive way.

The goal is to raise $40,000 by the end of the summer of 2018 to begin building the Tiny Home in the fall.  The Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser begins March 4th and runs through May.  The goal with this fundraiser is $20,000.

Click here to contact Mackenzie Hibbard, High School Ministry Coordinator for more information or to participate in the Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser.

Help the Birmingham First High School Student reach their goal to build a Cass Tiny Home. Donate above. Please choose “other” in the drop down box and designate your donation for “Flamingo Flocking.”

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