Disaster Response From Rev. Dulworth

Dear Friends,

Over the past few days, my eyes have been glued to the news reports coming from Texas and Louisiana as Hurricane Harvey made landfall. Beyond the initial winds, it has dropped record amounts of rain and caused life-threatening floods. Early this morning, Dawn and I awoke to news that her aunt and uncle in Texas are under a mandatory evacuation. In that moment, the storm became more real for both of us. We prayed and wanted to do more.

As our loved ones are driving to safer ground, we know that there are so many others who need our prayers as well as our help. Perhaps with me, you’ve been wondering what you could do.

The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is one of the best faith-based relief agencies in the world. When disaster strikes, our United Methodist Church is able to mobilize quickly to bring aid and relief. Long after the storm has ended and the flood waters recede, UMCOR will continue to be present helping people to put their lives and communities back together. Even better yet, UMCOR’s administrative costs are covered by an annual offering so that 100% of your current gifts go directly to the disaster recovery efforts.

In 2014, UMCOR came to our aid in Detroit when we faced our own floods. Money and resources poured into our area from around the nation to help in the disaster recovery efforts long after other agencies left town. Today, we have the opportunity to help not only in the present moment but into the future through our gifts to UMCOR’s disaster response. If you are wondering what you can do, please join me in making a monetary gift to UMCOR’s disaster response by clicking here.

At Birmingham and Berkley First, let’s join our prayers and our actions together as we make God’s love real for those experiencing the devastation of this natural disaster. I also invite you to listen soon for other ways that we are working to assist with UMCOR’s hurricane recovery efforts in the days ahead.

Grace and peace,

Elbert Dulworth
Senior Pastor