Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This is my first letter to you as your senior pastor and I hope you are well.

Fall has arrived and our work to restore the Church from the impact of a pandemic, the challenges of inflation, and the many changes we face in the world is as important and necessary today as it has ever been. Our congregation is pulling together to overcome many challenges so that we may focus on our main purpose: to share the life-changing love of God with a world that so desperately needs to know God’s saving grace. After celebrating our 200th church anniversary last year, we must now face our third century of ministry boldly and effectively.

Here you will find the information you need to make decisions about how you wish to participate in our 2023 Generosity Campaign themed “Count Me In.” I invite you to be counted in the number of persons willing to make sacrificial gifts to support an amazing turnaround story here at Birmingham and Berkley First. Your faithful participation can help our congregation unleash a renewed spirit of confidence in the future and invest in what God is calling us to be and to do in this third century.

It is our hope to jumpstart our ministries in this post-Covid world with a resounding amen from every person who is counted in. We also hope that each of us will offer ourselves to God by our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness to make God’s love real.

Respectfully hoping you will be counted in,

Reverend Dr. Charles S. G. Boayue, Jr.