“A big transition that was strange and frightening turned into something comforting, joyful, and welcoming because of the care your church extended to Donnie. I hope you can find a way to share this message with them,” writes Jackie Ouvry, Assistant Defender in the State Appellate Defender Office and attorney for Donnie Davis.   Birmingham First, through […]

Backyard House Church

“Backyard House Church instilled feelings of increased connectivity, enhanced perspectives, and personal growth similar to the ones I experienced during other church events,” states John Smaga, a Berkley First member and Backyard Church attendee. The Church has never been bound to four walls and a steeple. The Church is the people. Being forced out of […]

The Strength of Men of Faith – Men’s Work Day

“With so much division in our society now, it was comforting to see the strength men of faith can bring together,” declared Ken Hamel, a first-time participant in the annual Birmingham and Berkley First Men’s Day…

Unique Fellowship – Sunday Social

“It is a means of getting together with church friends for a lovely meal and great conversation,” states Toni Segitz when asked what Sunday Social means to her.   Sunday Social began in 2015 as a way for our senior members to get together for friendly, never boring, unique fellowship. Usually 20 to 50 attendees gather once a […]

Haiti Mission Team – 2020 in Review

Political unrest and COVID have prevented the Haiti Mission Team from visiting Jeremie this year. But the team has continued most of its usual work through its loyal and industrious ground team!  God’s work is being done in the way of A water well was dug in the mountain village of Chiraque. A church was […]

Everyday Heroes and Choir Camp

“I think Choir Camp is where my faith is the strongest. Being around so many amazing and wonderful people has helped me grow into the person I want to be and has helped me learn to see God in new ways” states Chris, a Seaholm High School senior. Chris was one of 62 campers that […]

Comfort in Connecting

Although she was not feeling well, and feeling a little anxious, she picked up the phone and made the first call. Karen Eschebach, Birmingham First member, is a member of the Unfinished Christian Women’s journey group as well as Connecting Hospitality Ministry Team.

A Kind Touch Travels Far

Have you ever wondered where a single act of kindness may lead and what lives it may touch? Two letters recently received by our church shed light on just how far a kind touch can travel.

Making Masks for the Community

She has created and distributed more than 450 masks (100 delivered this week to the Baldwin Center) and continues to help where she can with much passion and joy.