You’re Somebody’s Type

A heartfelt thanks to the over 80 donors who participated in the July 15, 2021 Blood Drive in the CLC. Every day, blood donors help patients of all ages from accident victims, heart surgery and organ transplant patients and those battling a life-threatening disease. In fact, every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood.

One donor was overheard saying, “I was not blessed with the gift to be a doctor or a nurse, but this is a way I can help save a life”.

If you are physically able, please consider donating at one of our upcoming Blood Drives on Wednesday, September 22 or Wednesday, December 8, 2021. Each unit of blood that you donate can help up to three people in need. To ensure a successful blood donation, start now and eat iron rich foods. Red meat, chicken, seafood, beans, quinoa, spinach, chickpeas, lentils, peas and pumpkin seeds. Vitamin C also helps to absorb the iron. Volunteers are needed for the post-donation snack table.

Volunteers are also needed for the post-donation snack table.


Event Coordinator
Sue Smith