Pastors’ Message



Half Truths

Over the course of time, certain phrases have entered our vocabulary which sound authoritative and as if they come straight out of the Bible. But you won’t find them in the Bible! They are simple phrases. They sound Christian. But the truth is, they miss the true biblical message in significant ways.

Sometimes these phrases are spoken by well-meaning individuals, yet actually do more harm than good. Other times these phrases come out of belief systems which contort what is actually found in our scriptures. Maybe, in a time of difficulty, you’ve had one of these phrases spoken to you and you’ve had to wrestle with the mistaken understanding of God the phrase conveys.

Adam Hamilton’s study, Half Truths, helps to clear away the confusion and wrongful thinking found in these sayings. In doing so, Hamilton provides us with tools which will stay with us to guide our understanding of God and our ability to read the scriptures.

I strongly encourage everyone who can to join one of our Lenten study groups! These groups are very short term, only five weeks in duration. Each session will contain an engaging and substantial video presentation by Rev. Hamilton. The opportunities for discussion will help establish your faith on a more solid, life-affirming foundation. As a result of this study, I firmly believe you will have a more accurate and healthy understanding of God. And what’s more, I think you’ll find more helpful things to say to others in times of trouble.

Gary Haller
Senior Pastor

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