Staff Directory

There are several ways to contact our pastors and staff members:

  • Call the church office at 248-646-1200 during office hours
  • Call 248-646-6407 at any time and dial the extension number given below
  • Call 248-408-0038 to contact the on-call pastor for emergencies in the evening and on the weekend
  • Send an email by clicking on a name below, or click on the link at the bottom at the page
  • Send a fax to 248-646-2661


Gary and Laurie 2014 Rev. Laurie Haller, Senior Pastor (ext. 3122)
Rev. Gary Haller, Senior Pastor (ext. 3155)
Janet Smylie, Administrative Assistant (ext. 3121)
Sue Anderson Dale, Human Resources Coordinator (ext. 3160)
Beverly Richardson, Missions Coordinator (ext. 3156)
Chad Oyer

Pastor Chad Oyer, Associate Pastor of High School Student Ministries and Shine Contemporary Worship (ext. 3153)
Liz Larson-Shidler, High School Ministries Assistant (ext. 3149)
Ray Melick, Friday Night Lights Assistant
Jeff Schroeder, hungry? head chef
Kristin Snyder, Shine Administrative Assistant (ext. 3161)
TJ Schlenker, Shine Producer; Yale Porter, Shine Media Shout Producer; Bob Paige, Shine Technical Director


Pastor Lindsey HallAssociate Pastor of Adult Education & Faith Formation​, Middle School Student Ministry and Student Missions (ext. 3150)
Shawn David, Administrative Assistant (ext. 3159)
Laura Dickerson, Student Missions Assistant (ext. 3149)
Kim Thoren, Middle School Ministries Assistant (ext. 3147)
Suzanne Rev. Suzanne Walls, Associate Pastor for Troy Campus

Senior Staff

 Mary Feldmaier Mary Feldmaier, Director of Membership and Congregational Care (ext. 3142)
Karen Porter, Administrative Assistant, Membership (ext. 3126)
Shar Hammond, Connecting Coordinator (ext. 3146)
Sue Anderson Dale, Caring Ministries Coordinator (ext. 3160)
Elise Norwood, Administrative Assistant, Caring Ministries (ext. 3127)
Doris Hall Doris Hall, Organist (ext. 3139)
Tony Kotwicki, Director of Facilities (ext. 3145)
Custodians: Mike Cooper, Dave Lepper, Gary Peck, Yale Porter
Holly Pisano Holly Pisano, Director of Finance (ext. 3133)
Cathy Cavellier and Dawn Pfaff, Finance Assistants (ext. 3136)
Casey Proch Casey Proch, Director of Music (ext. 3123)
Jim Wilson, Administrative Assistant (ext. 3125)
Robyn Campagne, Disciple Choir Director
Mary Feldmaier, Cherub and Sonshine Choir Director
Janet Smylie Janet Smylie, Executive Administrative Assistant
(ext. 3121)
Kim Fitzgerald and Jennifer Simpson, Receptionists
Geri Dunkle and Jane Myers, Office Services (ext. 3143)
Beverly Richardson, Shelby Database Coordinator (ext. 3156)
Lisa Wells Lisa Wells, Director of Program (ext. 3137)
Beckie Bower, Program Assistant (ext. 3144)
Patty Glass, Communications Coordinator (ext. 3130)
Christian Life Center Assistants: Page Gorman, Lee Green, Katie Kirkpatrick, Liz Larson-Shidler, Sarah Parker, Barb Poff, Emily Fitzgerald (ext. 3148)
Bruce Richardson, Computer Services Coordinator
Jeff Schroeder, Church Caterer
Karen Kadoura, Coffee Hostess
Kelly Willian Kelly Willian, Director of Children and Family Ministries (ext. 3128)
Chaundra Burkett, Early Childhood Coordinator (ext. 3131)
Kim Bowyer and Beth Torrey, Elementary Coordinators (ext. 3134)
Sheila Smith, Administrative Assistant and Director of Parents Day Out (ext. 3124)
Janet Hucke, Childcare Coordinator (ext. 3141)

Lori Handzel, Director of Preschool and Young 5s Program
(ext. 3154)


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