That Radical Jesus! – Sanctuary Sermon Series

that-radical-jesus-sliderThat Radical Jesus!
Epiphany 2016
January 8 – February 26
Sanctuary Services

We invite you to our regular Sanctuary services beginning in January of 2017. Our sermon theme will be “That Radical Jesus!” We’ll be looking closely at some of the most difficult, radical sayings that Jesus made. And if you have a “Red Letter” edition of the Bible (in which Jesus’ words are in red ink), you know Jesus said some absolutely mind-boggling things that shocked the world.

Some of the sayings we’ll look at are:
“Do Not Resist an Evil-Doer!”
“Do Not Think I’ve Come to bring Peace”
“Forgive 70 Times 7!”
“Love Your Enemies, Give to Everyone!”
“Not Everyone Will Be in Heaven!”
“Let the Dead Bury their Own!”
“Those Not For Us Are Against Us!”
“Be Perfect as Your Heavenly Father is Perfect!”

Our Sanctuary services at 8:15, 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. feature the Chancel Choir every week along with our many children and youth choirs which sing regularly. We hope you’ll join us for meaningful worship with depth and joy!

For more information, contact the Church Office.