“First Things First” Stewardship Campaign



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As the fall begins, I am filled with gratitude for your presence here and what you make possible as a part of Birmingham First. In the midst of the anxiety about the upcoming election and the uncertainties of our world, I am thankful for the continued vitality present in our church!

I am grateful for a church that is dedicated to growth, caring and excellence in the building of God’s Kingdom in Birmingham, greater Detroit and the world. I rejoice in:

  • The premier ministries we offer to children and youth. From our Preschool to our Middle School and High School programs, from small groups to mission trips, a place is offered for all of God’s children.
  • Our outstanding Music Ministry, Superlative choirs are offered for all ages from preschool to adults. Choir Camp and the new “Choir Camp Junior” nurture our children and youth while our Composer Festival and Live@First bring joy and variety to us throughout the year.
  • The strongest Missions Ministry of any church I’ve seen! Over 25 specific missions are supported by mission groups which extend the care and love of Christ from the heart of Detroit to the far reaches of our country and world.
  • A bold vision for growth, making room for new disciples of Jesus Christ. We are committed to opening our doors to all of God’s children. Our newly launched second campus in Berkley and our Shine contemporary worship embody our heart for reaching new people in creative ways.

There are so many more ways we put God’s love into action. I invite you to give thanks for the many dynamic ministries listed below!

I cannot say “Thank your!” enough for your being a part of this congregation and supporting these ministries! Thank you for helping everything that your church provides and enables. With you, I look forward to what God has in store for us in the year to come.

In faith, hope and love,
Gary Haller
Senior Pastor

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October 7 – Update

Dear Friends of Birmingham First,

I take great joy in sending this “Families at First!” video to you! Our church is large, but we touch lives one-by-one on a personal level.

Mick and Sarah McClelland, our stewardship leaders, will introduce this wonderful, 3½ minute video. Mick and Sarah are long-time members and leaders whose children grew up here. They are beautiful examples of the self-giving spirit of our church.

In this video you will meet David and Angela Marcantonio’s family, including Luke (“The Awesomest”) and Meredith (“The Queen”) and Camille. Active in so many ways, they have felt that our church embraced them since their first visit and has been a second home to them since they arrived here ten years ago.

You will also meet Todd, Amy, Grant and Brett Anger. This past summer they participated as a family in the High School mission project in Charleston, West Virginia, helping needy people. They also joined in Choir Camp, where “You go as a stranger and come back as a family with 80 other people.”

Sarah and Mick tell us, “Giving changes lives. We hope this will give you an appreciation of the depth and breadth of the programs here!”

That is my prayer as well!

Gary Haller,

October 14th Update

Dear Friends of Birmingham First,

A Narrative Budget is one of the most helpful ways to understand how a church works. It illustrates in a clear form the primary mission of any particular congregation. Today we mailed a large four-color narrative budget to every member household. We hope you’ll find it a great aid to understanding what is done at Birmingham First UMC.

But the printed form has its limitations! So we’ve developed a wonderful video which goes into greater detail on each of the components of our budget. In many ways it will show you how we strive to keep “First Things First!”

The great news is that it is short. I hope you’ll “click the link” below. I think this video will not only be illuminating, but will also make you proud.

God’s peace and love to you,
Gary Haller